Pittsylvania County, Virginia

Colonel Haynes Morgan was born around the 1730’s. In the year 1758, he entered the 80th British
Regiment, a part of which was formed in Virginia that year, and rose to the rank of Sergeant Major. He
served seven years and received a discharge from Captain James Grant, the commanding officer, in 1764.
The well-known General Daniel Morgan was a close relative of Colonel Haynes Morgan. Both old soldiers
owned land in the eastern part of Pittsylvania County near Allen’s Creek north of the Banister River some
time before Pittsylvania was formed in 1767 from Halifax County.
Colonel Haynes Morgan
The Early Years
Colonel Haynes Morgan settled in the area between the Banister River and Hickey’s Road (Route 40). He
added to his land holdings here throughout his lifetime. On June 16, 1769, he took the oath as a member
of the Vestry of Antrim Parish of the Church of England in Pittsylvania County, and on August 25, 1769,
the court qualified him as an Attorney at Law.

Morgan married Mary Thompson of Halifax County on October 27, 1774. It is likely that Mary was much
younger than the Colonel. After Colonel Morgan died, she lived near her children in North Carolina until
the year 1840.

Two of Haynes and Mary Morgan’s children married children of Major Vincent Shelton. Haynes Morgan II
married Elizabeth Shelton on December 20, 1802; and Elizabeth Laurence Morgan married Henry R.
Shelton. Both Major Vincent Shelton and Colonel Haynes Morgan were officers during the Revolutionary
War and were at the Battle of Guilford Court House on March 15, 1781.
Haynes Morgan. Note the General's star on each
schoulder. Col. Haynes Morgan's uniform would have
been similar. General Daniel Morgan's sister married
Squire Boone,  father of the famous Daniel Boone,
who was probably named for his uncle Daniel Morgan.