Pittsylvania County, Virginia
Colonel Haynes Morgan’s involvement in the Battle of Guilford Court House (North Carolina) is
documented by a soldier who served under him there. John Bayne made application for a Revolutionary
War pension on July 28, 1834, in Halifax County, Virginia. The records state that he served under Colonel
Bayne entered the military in January 1781 as a substitute for his father, Daniel Bayne. He marched from
Lunenburg County, where he lived, through Charlotte County, across the Staunton River at Bible’s Ferry.

After a time in Halifax County, his company joined General Green’s army and they entered North Carolina,
where they met with Lord Cornwallis’ army in Guilford County and “had a severe battle in which the
Americans were defeated.” After a retreat order, his company and many others rendezvoused at Winn’s
Mill in Guilford County, where they were under Colonel Nathanel Cook and Colonel Haynes Morgan.

Bayne was detailed as a guard to carry British prisoners to the barracks in Albermarle County, Virginia,
under Lt. Cox, who discharged him in April of 1781.

John Bayne married Sally Cannada in Halifax County on October 25, 1822 and was placed on the pension
rolls at $20 a year under the Act of 1832. He was granted land bounty warrant #26128 for 160 acres of
land. Bayne died at his home on May 21, 1857.