Pittsylvania County, Virginia
William C. Shelton
School Master & Planter
some old magazines and papers. She explained that her landlord had asked her to clean out an
old storage room of the house she rented in North Carolina.

Among the papers was an old tattered tan-colored journal. The writer, William C. Shelton, a
36-year-old bachelor, appeared articulate and educated. As we read, we found that he was a
school master (teacher) at the old log Greenfield School, which used to stand next to Greenfield
Baptist Church, about five miles east of Gretna, Virginia in Pittsylvania County. The journal that
William C. Shelton kept for the years 1850 - 1852, contains his innermost thoughts on people,
their personalities, and current events in Pittsylvania County, along with his almost daily
comments about the weather and his health.

Shelton's journal contains a rare glimpse into Pittsylvania County life before the Civil War.

I have included on these pages some information about William C. Shelton, his family, and the
Greenfield community, that I found through research in the Clerk's Office at Chatham, Virginia,
and through personal interviews with County residents.

3 DIARIES FOR THE YEARS 1850, 1851 AND 1852