Pittsylvania County, Virginia
This information is included as an aid to genealogical and historical research.  We are totally
opposed to slavery and see it as a sad, regrettable part of this nation's history.  
Genealogical & Historical Information concerning the slaves owned by Major Vincent Shelton, Sr.
Lewis, Mrs. Beverly Shelton, Henry Motley, and Chrispin Shelton.

He borrowed the money from Roderick Taliaferro and James T. Wright of Campbell County and
the Town of Lynchburg. They represented the President and Directors of the Farmers Bank of
Virginia. The Deed of Trust was released on November 16, 1818 in a Release Deed which stated
that the amount of $3,255 had been paid. In addition to the 962 acres, "where Vincent Shelton
now lives," Vincent had offered his slaves which were named in court documents as security:

ESSEX: about 48 years of age (born 1769) ("Essex" is listed in the estate of Crispin Shelton, Sr.
in 1794.)

WEST: 35 years of age (born 1782) (also from the Crispin Shelton, Sr. Estate.)

RUSSEL: 5 years of age (born 1812), Inherited by Capt. Vincent Shelton, Jr.; mentioned in diary
many times by William C. Shelton.

ABRAHAM: a young child

SUSAN: an old woman

BETTY: about 45 (born 1772) (from Crispin estate 1794)

PRISSY: 36 years of age (born 1781)

RODY: about the same (born 1781) (from Crispin estate 1794)

PEGGY: aged 18 years old (born 1799)

MILLY: about 17 years old (born 1800)

ALLY (Abby?): 11 years old (born 1806)

EDY: about 9 (born 1806)

(20-280 Deed of Trust)

3 DIARIES FOR THE YEARS 1850, 1851 AND 1852