Pittsylvania County, Virginia
Research on William C. Shelton is difficult due to the fact that there were two William C. Sheltons.

The first was born in 1807 and married Christchana C. Arnold on March 22, 1831. Between the
years 1832 and 1849 they had eight children. An 1815 court document lists William C. Shelton,
Charles M. Shelton, and Peachy G. Shelton as heirs of Abraham C. Shelton, deceased.

William C. Shelton, school master and writer of the journal, was born on March 13, 1814. His
father was Captain Vincent Shelton, Jr, who was born January 5, 1792. His mother was Nancy
Waller, who was born on October 13, 1791. Captain Vincent Shelton was a veteran of the War of
1812. Capt. Shelton's father, Major Vincent Shelton, Sr., served during the Revolutionary War and
was at the Battle of Guilford Court House.

William C. Shelton married Missouri Reese, daughter of W. W. Reese, sometime after 1852.
William and Missouri had a son, William V. Shelton, born about 1856. Both Missouri and her son,
William, died of unknown causes in 1862, leaving William C. Shelton to mourn their loss.
William C. Shelton and His Family
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