Pittsylvania County, Virginia
Colonel Haynes Morgan was reactivated into the military as an officer when he was commissioned on May
10, 1776, as Lieutenant Colonel of the 2nd Battalion of Minutemen. On Wednesday, May 15, 1776, a
warrant was issued for 422 pounds and 15 shillings “for one month’s pay of 3 companies from Pittsylvania
to North Carolina and 4 pounds, 8 shillings, 6 pence for express hire” for Lt. Col. Haynes Morgan. Under
his command were Major John Glenn, Captain Thomas Dillard, and Captain Peter Perkins of Pittsylvania
County, Virginia. The First State Regiment was organized as one of three regiments authorized by the
General Assembly in December of 1776.

On June 5, 1777, Haynes Morgan was promoted from Lieutenant Colonel to full Colonel by the General
Assembly. Colonel William Grayson, who transferred to the Continental Line, was in charge of all the
Virginia State Line Infantry. Colonel Morgan held this position until June 24, 1777, when he resigned and
was replaced by Colonel George Gibson.

It is likely that Morgan’s wife was involved in the decision to step down from his new command. Just a few
months later, on October 18, 1777, his wife Mary gave birth to a son, Haynes Morgan II, in the capital city
of Williamsburg in James City County. She would have been in no mood in June to bounce back to
Pittsylvania County and then watch her husband head off for Fort Patrick Henry on the Holston River with
the military.

Perhaps he thought of retirement from the military, for he bought more land the following year. The first
deed recorded in Pittsylvania County to Haynes Morgan in 1778 was for 40 acres that adjoined his own
property. He acquired his first land before Pittsylvania County was established in 1767. Pittsylvania’s
earliest land records (1782) credit Haynes Morgan with 658 acres.
Colonel Haynes Morgan